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Farnese Storm B Town

Storied Farnese
Boston, Mass - The Sox came up big despite the predictions of every major news source in the country and one blog. B News was at Fenway to cover this glorious event. Some Farnese favorites made the trip out. As you know, the game started out well with the good guys on top. So B News had some time to take in the scenery. None other than Michael Bowman was spotted!, just a few seats down. You may know him as "Whitey" from "Me Myself and Irene." There was no lack of comedy at Fenway on Friday. However, the guys working the scoreboard took the cake. They were clowning every player that came up to bat. Here's the highlights: pods, uribe, rowand. Konerko hit a dong to seal the deal as the story goes and everything got a little blurry.

We did manage to make it on to CBS4 in Boston.
(click the story "disappointing ending" we are 1/2 into the segment)

As the Bosstones would say,

"When it's all been said and done.
I raise my Beer and I Swear.
Gods it's been fun."


LilsSub said...

is everyone 7 feet in boston, or did higgens shrink from the booze, why is everyone so tall????

Anonymous said...

I was leaning down so "whitey" was in the background