Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Back in Black

B NewsChicago, Il - B News has learned that our very own Dino (DV) is now making all of his calls over the T-Mobile GSM cellular network. According to recent chatter on the Howard Chui forums Dino is now using a Black Motorola RAZR V3 handset. This change comes after a record two months of consistent Verizon usage. Cingular today announced that they will be upgrading their own GSM network to "3G" over the next few days. Industry pundits have speculated that orange is posturing themselves for a "Valenti Homecoming." Historically a Valenti homecoming means big profits for any given companies following quarter. Cingular is coming off of a rough spot having lost a federal injunction to provide pre-paid wireless service. As well as their recent removal from the better business bureau in New York. Please stay tuned for this man of mysteries next move.