Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Rest Well Minnie


We will keep up the good fight for you. Ten years ago we started a HOF petition for Minnie because we thought it was well deserved. He was a great ambassador for the game throughout his life. We will miss his smiles and laugh. 

B: Spotted!

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B! Where Are They Now?

Many Bporters remember CAZ as the slick fielding outfielder who fine tuned his baseball skills at the swift pitch box on 29th and Stewart.  Mr. Zivalich was also the first neighborhood kid to sport a Mizuno glove which he theft-proofed by famously inscribing his initials on the brown mitt's soft outside leather.  These bold moves helped establish CAZ's repuation as a cool cat in the neighborhood.  He further burnished his reputation by assisting the ONIAC roller-blade hockey team in besting the Taylor street squad in numerous match-ups on the old asphalt field next to "the club."

Unbeknownst to many CAZ's star still burns bright in the neighborhood.  The old neighborhood trendsetter has traded in his Mizuno for a guitar which he jams today in the company of his band: Uproar's Revenge.
Judging from these videos CAZ is now popular then ever and the crowd of characters who pop up throughout these garage jam sessions is sure to bring joy to all our readers.

Uproar's Revenge is playing this Sunday at Reggie's Rock Club in the Battle of the Bands.  Swing bye and give these local boys some support.

B! Get Out theVote!

On Tuesday, the former White Sox left fielder Tim "Rock" Raines was once again snubbed by electors to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Raines did improve on his previous year's vote total but time is running out for the former speedster who stole over 800 bags in his career.

Raines' connection to Bridgeport involves the period from 1991 to 1995 when the switch hitter manned left field for the Pale Hose.  Raines  was a key cog when the club won the American League West title in 1993. That year he hit .306/.401/.480 with 16 homers and 54 RBIs while swiping 21 bases.  Raines also used his time in Chicago to fully transition from Tim Raines to Rock Raines.

In 1991, Topps issues two cards of "Rock" Raines. Two Rock Raineses ...Now, changing your name to Rock during that era was not easy since the neighborhood already had a powerful slugger by that name. But Raines perservered and soon his name was being echoed in bars and restuarants up and down Halsted as the 93' Sox won 94 games.

By the mid 90's, Raines had neither the power nor the pizzazz of the neighborhood's more famous "Rock" LaRosa, who once fought and defeated the whole bar in an after hours skirmish at the 334 Club, but he got the job done day in and day out and became a favorite on the Southside. Rock was even rewarded with a coaching gig at the end of his career by the always loyal Jerry Reinsdorf.

A quick glance at the numbers indicates that Rock Raines deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and many prominent baseball writers agree with that assessment, including Bnews favorite Jonah Keri.

Alas, the Bnews has been petitioning the HOF for voting rights for some time but has yet to be granted the privilege so our strategy at the B is to do what Bporters do best: reach out to everyone you know and support the Rock's cause.  Or as Hawk Harrelson would say  "call you sons and call your daughters."