Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

TK vs. Finn Feast Throwdown

Rumors have been flying that Hitz is producing a fight between TK and Finn

B News hears that the two agreed to a 1980s WWF rules cage match.

Hype men are TBD closer to the event, but Hitz confirmed the purse will be donated to the church to make up for fritila sales. 

Wilt on WLPN show Radio Bridgeport 4-6pm

Farnese Hall of Fame winner Peter Wilt will be on Radio Free Bridgeport tonight 4-6pm. Peter the one and only recipient of our life time achievement award here at BNEWS will be talking about his new venture into launching a NASL team in Chicago. 

Breaking: BNEWS Christmas Quiz Show 12/21!

The Quiz Show/Pub Quiz platform is easy -- just come ready to have a few cocktails, join up with some friends and be ready for a four-round contest challenging your knowledge of the history, people, and geography of the neighborhood. 

We've been hosting this one-of-a-kind event for over 10 years and BNEWS promises this year will be better than all the rest -- plus more neighborhood prizes, fame and fortune... all free. Also the potential to be featured on Lumpen Radio WLPN 105.5fm

Feel free to forward to family, friends and anyone who knows the neighborhood 


Monday, Dec. 21st


Bernice's (3238 S Halsted St)


Reigning Champions -- "Biscottis Galore"

Bridgeports Got Beef

November 14 •  3-6pm

Bridgeport’s Got Beef
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St

Tickets here

If you haven’t noticed, we love beef sandwiches and we all have our local favorites!  We have invited Bridgeport’s best Italian beef sandwich makers to compete in the first annual Bridgeport’s Got Beef contest. The contest will be juried by a panel of distinguished Beef eaters and guests that attend the event. The contest will be broadcast live on WLPN Lumpen radio. Everyone will be able to taste each of the beef sandwiches and cast their vote to decide, once and for all, who makes the best beef sandwich in the neighborhood. 

Participating restaurants include: Phil’s Pizza, Ricobene’s, Soluris, Johnny O’s, Kathey De’s, Fabulous Freddies Italian Eatery, and others.

Judges include, Kevin Hickey of Duck Inn, 11th Ward Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson, 9th District Police Commander Daniel Godsel, and Vanessa Sanchez of Yolocali.

The evening will be hosted by Radio Free Bridgeport Host, John Daley. The live broadcast will feature music about beef, live judging and more.

Regular admission includes: tastes of all the beefs, a Bridgeport’s Got Beef Shopping Tote, and beverages.

VIP admission includes: tastes of all the beefs, a Bridgeport’s Got Beef Shopping Tote, a Bridgeport’s Got Beef T-shirt and beverages.

Proceeds for this event will go to community radio station: WLPN 105.5 FM and will help us install an antenna on our Tower.

Bridgeport Look Alike

B! News Social
Pumpin' Iron Edition

Rumors abound one member of the neighborhood crew was pumping extra iron to ensure they were ready for the sun and fun of San Diego.

Fourth of July Flashback

B! News Social
What Really Are Ladyfingers Edition

As we celebrate our nation's birth, let us not forget the great neighborhood citizens who supplied pre-teens with illegal explosives in the 90s.   Here's to you, shadowy man in the "White House" - thank you for keeping us supplied with M-80s, silver salutes, black cats, bottle rockets, roman candles, quarter sticks, and the occasional half-stick.   We know you had class because you always threw in free punks. 

Bnews from the Pews!

 Double parking is a considered a natural right in Bridgeport.  When practiced properly each neighborhood resident respectfully obliges another neighbor's right for a "quick double" to run in a house for a short period of time. This practice is only accepted on side streets and only for short periods of time.  Long established neighborhood rules govern the double parking process and provide remedies for those who violate neighborhood parking protocol.

On Sundays all those rules are thrown out the window.  Neighborhood churchgoers park any which way and in all directions.  Local police traditionally excuse themselves from traffic enforcement in Bridgeport on the Lord's day. If you are foolish enough to walk into Church to ask that someone move their car because you're blocked in you're likely to get an earful.  In an effort to curtail any troubles that may arise from the big church crowds this Holy Week a local parish has even included parking guidelines in their weekly bulletin.
While this move is sure to win the support of our old friends at Better Driving USA it's likely to fall on deaf ears to locals who believe the Sunday double is a God given right.

Palm Sunday = Palacinka!

 Palm Sunday at St. Jerome Parish in Armour Square means two things: A sacred liturgy celebrating the Lord's Passion and a Palacinka breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  This year's event was once again lively and well attended.

 The school children's parents who host this traditional event served up Palacinka (Croatian crepes) stuffed with many different ingredients including: cheese, strawberries, grapes and chocolate.
 Bacon, sausage and waffles were also offered as sides and a bar offering Bloody Mary's and Cognac was open to those looking to start the day with a dash of fire.

 With Easter arriving so early this year many of the neighborhood's finest used this Palm Sunday morning event to draw up Opening Day plans with friends and neighbors.  Even the Easter Bunny hinted of his plans to be at the Cell next Friday, sans costume.
If you're in Bport on Palm Sunday there is no better meal than the Palacinka at St. Jerome!

Joe Maddon Recalls a Night in Bport

The Trib's David Haugh published a great article about new Cubs manager Joe Maddon which included this anecdote about his night with members of the Farnese at Cork & Kerry (pictured above):

This is what people love about Maddon. Humor accompanies almost every exchange, enthusiasm appreciated with every encounter. He turns simple questions into detailed anecdotes, conversations into memories. He plays music during stretching and sings a happy tune on tough topics. The approach makes Maddon immune to monotony, whether he’s revealing his favorite episodes of “The Office’’ or recalling the day he enjoyed a postgame beer at the Cork and Kerry outside U.S. Cellular Field and learned about the Cubs-Sox rivalry.

“I tipped a few Guinness with the boys, and they told me what they thought about the Cubs,’’ Maddon said.

Rest Well Minnie


We will keep up the good fight for you. Ten years ago we started a HOF petition for Minnie because we thought it was well deserved. He was a great ambassador for the game throughout his life. We will miss his smiles and laugh. 

B: Spotted!

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B! Where Are They Now?

Many Bporters remember CAZ as the slick fielding outfielder who fine tuned his baseball skills at the swift pitch box on 29th and Stewart.  Mr. Zivalich was also the first neighborhood kid to sport a Mizuno glove which he theft-proofed by famously inscribing his initials on the brown mitt's soft outside leather.  These bold moves helped establish CAZ's repuation as a cool cat in the neighborhood.  He further burnished his reputation by assisting the ONIAC roller-blade hockey team in besting the Taylor street squad in numerous match-ups on the old asphalt field next to "the club."

Unbeknownst to many CAZ's star still burns bright in the neighborhood.  The old neighborhood trendsetter has traded in his Mizuno for a guitar which he jams today in the company of his band: Uproar's Revenge.
Judging from these videos CAZ is now popular then ever and the crowd of characters who pop up throughout these garage jam sessions is sure to bring joy to all our readers.

Uproar's Revenge is playing this Sunday at Reggie's Rock Club in the Battle of the Bands.  Swing bye and give these local boys some support.

B! Get Out theVote!

On Tuesday, the former White Sox left fielder Tim "Rock" Raines was once again snubbed by electors to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Raines did improve on his previous year's vote total but time is running out for the former speedster who stole over 800 bags in his career.

Raines' connection to Bridgeport involves the period from 1991 to 1995 when the switch hitter manned left field for the Pale Hose.  Raines  was a key cog when the club won the American League West title in 1993. That year he hit .306/.401/.480 with 16 homers and 54 RBIs while swiping 21 bases.  Raines also used his time in Chicago to fully transition from Tim Raines to Rock Raines.

In 1991, Topps issues two cards of "Rock" Raines. Two Rock Raineses ...Now, changing your name to Rock during that era was not easy since the neighborhood already had a powerful slugger by that name. But Raines perservered and soon his name was being echoed in bars and restuarants up and down Halsted as the 93' Sox won 94 games.

By the mid 90's, Raines had neither the power nor the pizzazz of the neighborhood's more famous "Rock" LaRosa, who once fought and defeated the whole bar in an after hours skirmish at the 334 Club, but he got the job done day in and day out and became a favorite on the Southside. Rock was even rewarded with a coaching gig at the end of his career by the always loyal Jerry Reinsdorf.

A quick glance at the numbers indicates that Rock Raines deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and many prominent baseball writers agree with that assessment, including Bnews favorite Jonah Keri.

Alas, the Bnews has been petitioning the HOF for voting rights for some time but has yet to be granted the privilege so our strategy at the B is to do what Bporters do best: reach out to everyone you know and support the Rock's cause.  Or as Hawk Harrelson would say  "call you sons and call your daughters."