Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Charles Comiskey Biography Reviewed

 Who knew that the former White Sox owner was the son of Bridgeport alderman? The always excellent writers at the Bnews favorite White Sox blog have the skinny on the new bio of the Old Roman: "Turning the Black Sox White".

Timebomb's Gym Set to Open in May

The Bnews' favorite pugilist Frankie "Timebomb" Scalise is set to open his new gym and boxing center on Halsted next month.  Our friends at DNA Chicago ran a great story  about this local boxing legend's investment in the neighborhood.  Best of luck to "Timebomb" and his effort to improve local fitness.

E Waste Drop-Off at IIT

Drop off your unwanted E-waste at IIT this Saturday: 3200 S Wabash from 10am-3pm.

B! News Quiz Show 2013 -- Monday 12/23/13











B! News Social

Mark your calendars ladies and germs, the next Bridgeport B! News Bridgeport Quiz Show is happening Monday, December 23rd at 7:45pm.   This is the only pub quiz (we know of) dedicated to the only neighborhood in Chicago that can be called "the neighborhood".


How much do you know about the neighborhood.... come and find out, its free, its the holidays and you might walk out the winner of a hot golf club signed by Bridgeport's own Joe the Barber. 


What: B! News Bridgeport Quiz Show
When: Monday, Dec. 23rd - 7:45pm
Where: Bernice's Tavern, 3238 S Halsted St

Armour Park Upgrades

Kudos to the Chicago Park District for transforming one of the tennis courts into a rollerblade hockey rink!

Lou "The Mogie" Stumbles Upon Long Lost Croatian Lineage

Reports have confirmed that Lou "the mogie" has found a long lost blood line to rival that of the Merovingians. Late Tuesday night at a birthday celebration by the infamous Jozo LaMonica's house Lou "the mogie" found out through several hours of debate on the topic of who's baba was related to who, with small digressions on who baked the best povitica, that he was related to another Croatian singer.  This makes Lou "the mogie" relative to 2 klapa groups in Croatia and quite possibly the only two to visit Chicago. Tests are underway to investigate the theory that Lou "the mogie" may be separated from every known Croatian in the world by 5 degrees instead of the normal 6. 

Inaugural Midway Fly Away 5K

Special Olympics Chicago is hosting the first ever 5K run on Midway Airport this Sunday, September 15th. All participants will get:

-Free parking 
-A chance to win 2 Southwest Airlines tickets with no restrictions 
-If you raise more that $250. you can win another set of tickets from Southwest Airlines. 
-Entrance into great drawing prizes for all that enter the race. 
-Good free food for the entrants. 
-Blessed by God for raising money for the Chicago program of Special Olympics through Special Children's Charities.

 For more info, please visit

Timebomb Schedules Birthday Battle

The neighborhood's flashy pugilist plans on breaking a sweat at the Horseshoe before hosting a bday bash for himself at the Rocky's on September 13th.